All residents of Contra Costa County will have access to high-quality, cost-effective human services that support healthy, safe, and vibrant families and communities.



The Human Services Alliance of Contra Costa is the unified voice of community based service providers in Contra Costa’s care systems. We lead change, advocate for policy and services on behalf of residents in need of support, and provide resources and peer support to our member agencies. 



The values of the Human Services Alliance of Contra Costa provide the foundation upon which the work of the organization stands and the reservoir of intent and imagination out of which our strategy grows. They serve as touchstones by which the Alliance evaluates the success and integrity of our work both inside and outside of the organization.


Compassion and the recognition of the inter-connectedness of the residents and institutions of Contra Costa underlie all our values, and motivate us to pursue our mission.


The Alliance embraces the rich diversity of cultures, lifestyles, economic status, [ableness – what’s the right word?] in Contra Costa and seeks to engage and represent all segments of society.


The Alliance believes economic and social equity is essential for a healthy community, and is dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities for education and services, and livable incomes for all. 


We recognize that providing the highest quality services demands the application of better solutions to meet new requirements and unarticulated or existing needs.  Nimbleness and adaptability are essential for thriving in an ever-changing environment.


The Alliance will maintain the highest ethical standards, promotes a holistic approach to understanding the needs of the community, and will be a responsible steward of its resources.


The Alliance believes success and high-quality service are rooted in building collaborative partnerships between government, community-based organizations, philanthropy, and the business community.


The Alliance will operate in an organizational culture that places honesty, openness and transparency above all else.


The members of the Alliance represent diverse service sectors, and recognize that while individual organization’s interests may at times diverge, we stand united in promoting the interests of the community and the service sector as a whole.