Big Win for Health Care and Progress on Immigrant Protections

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April 18, 2017

Big Win for Health Care and Progress on Immigrant Protections in Contra Costa Yesterday

Thank you to all of our community partners and residents for joining us yesterday in asking the Board of Supervisors to fund life-saving care for more residents. Your calls, letters, and comments made a big difference. 

At yesterday's budget hearing, the Board of Supervisors heard from many community members about the benefits of Contra Costa CARES, the importance of safety net services, and the need for resources to help local immigrant residents through the Contra Costa County Immigrant Legal and Education Partnership, a proposed new program.

We would like to thank Supervisors Federal Glover, Diane Burgis, and John Gioia for voting in favor of expanding funding for Contra Costa CARES by $250,000 next year (contingent on matching funds from local hospitals). 

Please call, email, or write on Facebook and Twitter to thank these supervisors for their commitment to ensuring health care for all.

Supervisor Karen Mitchoff voted against expanding CARES funding. Supervisor Candace Anderson left the meeting during public comment and was not present during the board's final discussion and voting. 

The CalFresh program concerns expressed by Ensuring Opportunity will be discussed at the Board's Family and Human Services Committee. The request for funding for the Immigrant Legal and Education Partnership program was referred to the Finance Committee.

The Board will vote to adopt the final county budget at their May 9 meeting.

Your Supervisor's Contact Information

Supervisor John Gioia (District I)

(510) 231-8686
Twitter: @supejohngioiaFacebook: @johngioia1958

Supervisor Candance Andersen (District II)

Danville office: (925) 957-8860
Lafayette office: (925) 646-6067
Twitter: @AndersenCandace
Facebook: @candaceanderson

Supervisor Diane Burgis (District III)

(925) 820-8683
Twitter: @DianeBurgisFacebook: @burgisd

Supervisor Karen Mitchoff (District IV)

(925) 521-7100
Twitter: @KMitchoffFacebook: @karenmitchoff

Supervisor Federal Glover (District V)

(925) 427-8138

Facebook: @federalglover

Click HERE for a district map.

About us:  

 The Ensuring Opportunity Campaign to End Poverty in Contra Costa advocates for policies that ensure that all residents have the resources they need to support themselves and their families, and have a powerful voice in shaping local political, cultural and economic systems. Visit our website to learn more about how you can partner with us in our policy work. 

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Nonprofits Rethinking Their Future Under Trump Administration, New Survey Reports

From CalNonprofits

April 5, 2017 – In a survey of over 800 nonprofits conducted in March by the California Association of Nonprofits (CalNonprofits), “Government in Transition; Nonprofits in Transition,” the majority of respondents report significant changes in their organizations since the November 2016 election. When asked what specific changes they have made, 58% of respondents said they have discussed how their constituents may be affected by new federal laws and policies, and 42% said they are increasing their public policy advocacy work.

Ensuring Opportunity Report on Immigration Survey Released

Courtesy of Ensuring Opportunity

March 20, 2017

Contra Costa’s nonprofit community takes action to protect local immigrants

National immigration policy changes are causing many Contra Costa residents to withdraw from the community and to live in fear. Recent federal actions threaten the safety of local children and parents, and harm the well-being of our community as a whole. In response to these threats, community organizations in Contra Costa are mobilizing to support their clients and staff members who are immigrants.

The Ensuring Opportunity Campaign sent a survey last week to nonprofit organizations across Contra Costa County to find out what they doing to protect their clients and staff who are immigrants. We wanted to find out what impacts these organizations are seeing, what actions they’re already taking, what steps they’re considering, and what they’re interested in learning more about to protect the community members they work with and serve.

We learned that many organizations are proactively working to address the needs of immigrant clients and staff, and that they have a strong desire to learn what more they can do. While many organizations are not yet reporting a significant decrease in client participation in their programs, many are very concerned that this may happen.

Thank you to our community partners who participated in the survey and who shared it with your networks. In just five days, we received 66 responses, representing 58 organizations that provide services to residents throughout Contra Costa County.

Summary of survey findings (Read the full report here)

Impact on services:
Twenty percent of respondents report that fewer immigrants are now participating with their organizations. Two-thirds of respondents have not yet seen a significant decline in participation, but say they are concerned.

“We are hearing (about) greater impact from similar agencies in areas with greater immigrant populations, and we anticipate we'll experience more (negative impacts) as circumstances get worse.”  

Hate crimes and hiding:
Forty-one percent of respondents reported noticing an increase in racial hate incidents. Twenty-eight percent said they know of children whose parents have pulled them out of school.

“Among undocumented immigrants, there is a tremendous amount of fear and uncertainty. Among Muslim refugees and immigrants, there is more fear of hate being directed at them and their children.”

Local organizations are taking bold steps to help immigrants. 

The top four actions Contra Costa organizations are taking include:                             

  1. Communicating with clients and residents about potential threats and resources
  2. Protecting and anonymizing client data
  3. Talking with their board of directors about their agency’s response to the needs of clients and staff members who are immigrants
  4. Advocating for policies (such as sanctuary city/county/state) that will help immigrants feel safer.

What organizations are hungry for to help them protect immigrants:

The top five activities organizations are interested in learning more about include:

  1. Joining rapid response teams and networks.
  2. Providing Know Your Rights workshops for clients and other residents.
  3. Adopting an organization policy regarding sanctuary/welcoming space.
  4. Meeting/advocating with local police regarding their policies on cooperating with ICE.
  5. Helping families who have been separated due to deportations.

Click here to read the full report on the survey findings.

What you can do:

  • Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, so we can share and support your immigration-related events, services and activities.
  • Share these survey results with your networks.

How Ensuring Opportunity can help your organization and clients:

    • A summary of what’s happening in Contra Costa County, including which jurisdictions and organizations have adopted sanctuary or welcoming policies, and a list of organizations and coalitions that are working on immigration issues.
    • A calendar of upcoming events throughout the county, including Know Your Rights trainings and forums for community-based organizations.
    • A list of resources covering everything from sanctuary spaces to immigrants’ rights. 

Email Zuleika Godinez, Policy Coordinator for Ensuring Opportunity to add your resources and events to our resource page. We will update the website frequently.

  • We are meeting with local community partners and coalitions to explore how Ensuring Opportunity can support various efforts underway across the county to protect local immigrants and support those who work with and serve them. Please contact us if you would like to be a part of these planning conversations.

About us

The Ensuring Opportunity Campaign to End Poverty in Contra Costa advocates for policies that ensure that all residents have the resources they need to support themselves and their families, and have a powerful voice in shaping local political, cultural and economic systems. Visit our website to learn more about how you can partner with us in our policy work.

Forum: Take Action for Immigrant Children and Families

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